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Country: USA

Year: 2018

Category: Upcoming Drama/Romance

Release Date: October 12, 2018

Director: Nathaniel Lezra

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In Echo Park

Review:'Echo Park': LAFF Review

An overexposed corner of Los Angeles gets renewed attention in Echo Park, an unimaginative drama that never quite gains momentum. Festivals seeking to showcase L.A.’s more bohemian side may take notice, although the film’s modest ambitions and indifferent style primarily suggest small-screen potential. Fleeing a suddenly compromised relationship with her wealthy fiance, Simon (Gale Harold), and a well-appointed Beverly Hills home, fashion accessory designer Sophie (Mamie Gummer) heads, metaphorically, for the hills of Echo Park, settling into a rental unit to reassess Simon’s marriage potential. In need of furnishings for her minimalist new place, she answers an ad about a couch for sale and meets Alex (Anthony Okungbowa), an expat Brit music supervisor and frustrated composer preparing to sell his cozy hillside home and return to London.

In Echo Park

Why do people always come back? Is going back to a person or a place always synonymous with going backwards? Echo Park is not the first film to deal with that uncomfortable stage experienced by some adults, when friends begin to establish families and begin to settle down, but it stands out as a story that really problematizes the notions of maturity in romantic and family relationships. Echo Park is a beautifully filmed tale with an excellent soundtrack of the acclaimed photographer turned filmmaker Amanda Marsalis, as a romantic story that resists great, cliché declarations and depictions of love, and also as his own love letter, to a distinctive part Los Angeles. Audiences will move, immediately, through the film's cinematography, but the narrative does not take off so quickly or so smoothly. Mamie Gummer plays a newly single Sophie who first stands out as an intruder (or even a member of the gentrification forces) in a neighborhood loved and inhabited by Alex (Anthony Okungbowa). The film follows the two as they embark on what has to be the safest romantic getaway of all: the kind in which the guy is selling his couch, because he will be moving back to London in two weeks, and There is no way that two strangers fall in love with him. between them so fast, so why not connect.

"Echo Park" ’: Bradley Cooper isn’t really into talking to me

"Echo Park" takes place in one of those interchangeable neighborhoods off the freeways, where each apartment building contains a microcosm of "The Gong Show." This is a young mother (Susan Dey) who dreams of being an actress and a young immigrant muscled from Austria (Michael Bowen) who dreams of being the next Arnold Schwarzenegger. They live in adjacent apartments in a boarding house, and one day in their lives comes a young pizza delivery man (Thomas Hulce), who falls in love with Dey at first sight. The film is told in a series of vignettes, all firmly grounded in the proposition that everyone in Los Angeles is a little crazy, and that being crazy is fine, because otherwise, how can people see that you are an individual? Hulce drives in a delivery truck that is decorated with a large slice of pizza with electric pepperoni. He is one of the most normal people in the movie. Life moves in shape and begins. Nothing happens for days, and then the phone rings and Dey is called for an audition. It turns out to be an audition for a birthday strip company, but, well, that's quite a show..

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